Quick Reference Guide: How to Ice Dye

✨Straight to the Point | Quick Ice Dye Reference Guide✨

We get it. This isn't your first rodeo. You just want a quick reminder of the process. Here you go:

  1. SAFETY FIRST: get your safety gear: mask + gloves!
  2. Grab the items you want to dye (make sure they're a high percentage of natural fiber and pre-washed)
  3. Soak in soda ash solution (2 cups soda ash to one gallon of water) for at least 15 minutes
  4. Wring out the item, and place it on your cooling rack in your dye bin
  5. Add ice on top of your item
  6. Sprinkle fiber reactive dye over your items( bonus points if you use shakers)
  7. Wait 18-24 hours for the dye to set (room temperature should be at least 70°F, or 21°C)
  8. Rinse item with cool water until water runs clear
  9. Rinse item with hot water (at least 130°F or as hot as you can handle), then soak in hot water and synthrapol for at least an hour. Repeat until water post-soak is clear.
  10. Give a final wash to ensure all synthrapol is rinsed out of the item.
  11. Hang dry or tumble dry low.
  12. ENJOY!

Now you might be thinking, "Ok, Tesh. That was fast. Care to go into more detail?" -- I sure do!

Click here for my easy and complete ice dye tutorial. I'll give you tips and tricks I've learned on my journey, plus ideas on where to pick up some of my favorite tools to get the job done! 

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