Curious Northwest

Ice dyeing can use a lot of water. As we face more frequent and widespread droughts, I found ways to adjust my process to reduce the amount of water I was using while ensuring all my dyed clothing and accessories were properly set. Learn how you can properly set your ice dyes without wasting water. Plus, share your tips you've picked up in the comments!

✨So you want to learn to ice dye✨ Ice dyeing is the perfect activity to allow your colorful creativity shine! That's why I'm sharing some ice dye tips and tricks in this step-by-step guide for those ready to get started on their own ice dyeing journey. I've also linked some of my favorite clothing and accessories that I use as part of my process!

✨Straight To The Point | Ice Dye Reference Guide✨ We get it. This isn't your first rodeo. You just want a quick reminder of the process. Here you go!